Vintage Hunter Ceiling Fans For Parts - Item # 0149 - SOLD

These are two old quality made ceiling fans. They are not exactly identical. One has lights and one doesn't. It looks like the motors are exactly the same. My guess is that these still work, but I did not test them. They are relatively free from dirt and dust. The windings are still shiny bright and the insulation inside is clean and undamaged.

The metal tag on the first fan motor reads:

VOLTS 120 HZ 60 AMPS 2.5 UL Listed
MOD. 22272 CAT. NO. 22272-504 SER. NO. 2801

The tag on the second fan is almost identical to the above. The big difference is the Catalog Number, which is: 22272-004, and the Serial Number, which is: L. The first fan has the four light fixture attached. The second one does not have any light fixture.

There seems to be enough parts here to assemble one of the fans completely. Some of the fan blade brackets are broken. There are also some parts that are brand new. There are four fan blades in all.

These fans measure about 15 inches in height. The motors are 12 inches in diameter and 3 inches thick. They are extremely heavy. The weight is approximately 45 pounds each. Consider this before purchasing. The shipping cost could exceed $40.00.

These items are in good condition. They are still in good shape but not exactly complete. Great for someone interested in restoring or repairing other old Hunter fans.

This Item Is In Good Condition. This is Item # 0149 - $ SOLD $
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