Antique Gold Elgin Lady Raymond Hunter Pocket Watch - Item # 0086 - SOLD

This is an excellent timepiece. Made by the Elgin National Watch Company, Elgin, Illinois, in the U.S.A. It is in excellent shape, only one small dimple on the back cover. This is a stem winding watch in the classic Hunter style 25 year gold case. It is a very small (less than 1 1/4 inch in diameter), Lady Raymond model, advertised as the smallest watch made - in 1909. I tried to match this watch with others listed in the Complete Guide To Watches - The Professional Standard and found only one movement which closely matched this watch. It was made in 1904. The actual manufacture date of this watch could precede this date by several years.

The movement is an Elgin National Watch Co., 15 Jewel, Lady Raymond s/n 18765779. It winds, works, ticks, tocks, and keeps time. The movement is finished with the fancy 'spotting' on the bridges and crown wheel and ratchet wheel. The dial is in excellent condition, single sunk, white enamelled. The hour and seconds numbers are black and the minute and second marks are also black. There are also red minute numbers around the outside of the face. There is no crazing to the enamel - it is in very good condition. The watch crystal is in excellent shape with no marks, scratches or fogging.

The gold case was made by the Illinois Watch Case Company (also in Elgin, Illinois). This is a pendant style with the winding and setting stem and swing ring all in excellent condition. This particular case is made of solid 14k gold - not gold filled. Most of the Lady Raymond watches were sold in solid 14k gold cases. On the front of the case is a small mountain scene with a lake, mountains, and a cabin. Around the edge of the front and back is a fancy filigree pattern.

The gold front case is stamped 3682274 inside. The gold back case is also stamped 3682274 inside. There is also two small hand engravings around the inside perimeter. These are too small for my weak eyes to make out.

The outside of the movement cover is engraved with: Mary Rabyor.
Inside the movement cover is stamped with the following:




There is also a small engraving of L519 under the serial number.

The chain included with this watch matches nicely. It is a necklace style, with a 2 inch chain pendant portion. There is a small piece of turquoise set in a small decorative setting at the top with a swivel spring loop at the bottom for attaching watch. The back of the setting is marked STERLING. The top of the necklace is 20 inches long. It has been lengthened to 20 inches by the addition of a 4 inch piece of chain that is actually made of gold. The entire necklace is in excellent shape. The clasps work perfectly, there are no bent or damaged links, and the finish is shiny bright.

This is truly one of the finest antique solid gold pocket watches I've seen in a while. It looks and works beautifully. It is complete with a quality necklace, Quality made, MADE IN THE U.S.A. It will continue to reward it's owner with many many more years of dependable service.

This is a very great and unusual item, and in very good condition.

This Item Is In Excellent Condition. This is Item # 0086 - On Sale Now
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